Padded handmade leather Amstaff harness for puppies – H2

Amstaff padded leather walking harness introduction – model H2

Padded handmade leather Amstaff harness for puppies - H2

Padded handmade leather Amstaff harness for puppies - H2

General “Woof” Tip: You should know that when your dog is properly measured that would be enough for making good fit muzzle, harness or collar.If someone says – don’t worry and order this muzzle , it will fit your dog for sure, you should be alerted – this is simply not true, some products have generic sizing but it is always good to check exact sizing info, as not all dogs have same body and head shape and size.
This harness is made for puppies and smaller dogs
It is results of multiple requests from many many customers who had hard time to find strong high quality harness for puppies
It can also be used for tracking and walking – it is not bulky and your dog will feel comfortable with this puppies harness on

Probably the best smaller dog walking harness. This is a great strong padded harness with small triangle shaped chest plate padded with felt.

Unlike nylon harness which cannot be strong enough due to material nature this harness is strong, you can be confident walking your active puppy on this harness

It is made of best materials, 100% full grain leather so you can use it for long time
Solid brass D ring which will not rust is stitched on the top
Front and around chest straps are 3/4 inch wide

General “Woof” Tip: If you feel that after reading this info you still have questions please call, email or fax us and we will answer your additional questions and will help with selecting right product.

Handmade exclusively in our family workshop. This harness is adjustable several ways so you can use it while your dog gains more weight(for puppies) or goes on diet or grows

Adjustable on strap which goes around the chest, we used solid brass extra strong quick release buckle so you can easily put this harness on and off your dog
every time you go for walking
Adjustable also on strap which goes under the belly between front legs

This is not kind of harness your dog will be able to escape when it is perfectly fitted and adjusted – even if you consider your dog to be escape artist

Harness available in few sizes – please size your dog before you place the order

You can use this harness for tracking as well

General “Woof” Tip: Is your dog still a puppy? Well I always recommend to get one of our economic solution products. We make very nice low price good quality leather collars, muzzles and harnesses. With muzzle I would recommend to wait until dog fills in, the only exception is when your dog has some behavior or aggression issues which must be solved instantly. Please note, that when you get some products while your dog is not fully grown, it might lead to the situation when your dog will outgrow a muzzle, harness or a collar. This is why it is preferable to provide age and breed of your dog when you place the order.

This puppy harness is definitely one of the most good looking harnesses we ever made and it is ultimate padded leather dog harness for growing active puppy

This harness Fits Amstaff puppy. (check our sizing instructions to verify fit)

buy Padded handmade leather Amstaff harness for puppies - H2

buy Padded handmade leather Amstaff harness for puppies - H2